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The classical guitar is known as the mini orchestra of stringed instruments. Unlike other guitar styles, the classical guitar is a “one man band” that has a complete sound because the player is doing both the melody and accompanying himself, akin to a classical pianist. The classical guitar is intimate in sound quality and is portable, allowing it to be played in almost any situation.

Steven has been performing professionally for almost twenty years as both a soloist and as a member of the award winning Dearing Concert Duo. He has performed at weddings, memorial services, church services, private parties, and concert halls across North America and the United Kingdom. Some highlighted past performances include the memorial of Ed McNamara, The Organization of American States Summit, and a concert at the Cheltenham International Music Festival in the UK.

Locally, Steven and his wife find themselves on the preferred vendor lists at venues such as The Henry Ford, The Meadow Brook Mansion and The Sacred Heart Academy. Together they have performed at hundreds of weddings and private parties throughout the metro Detroit region. (See DearingConcertDuo.com for more info on our joint performances)

Steven has accrued a repertoire of a variety of genres and styles over the years, from Bach to Latin samba. Although his recordings feature works that are virtuosic in nature, Dearing can play just about anything with short notice. Your guests will be entertained with a variety of styles.

If you are considering having live music at an event you are planning consider the classical guitar. It sounds less “stuffy” than an organ at a church or a memorial service, can fit into a corner of a private room at a fine establishment, doesn’t need tuning by a costly piano technician and sounds just as full without being overbearing.

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